Greg Mauldin      

Or "Rooster " - my father's nickname for me, for he told me I was ever so easy and eager to arise in the morning, which was well before sunrise, in order to attend to chores before school.   

Oklahoma born and raised on a ranch/farm my entire upbringing in Pottawatomie county.  Our lifestyle predominately entailed living off the land we lived upon by raising domestic animals (cattle, hogs, sheep, horses, chickens), alfalfa for the livestock, and vegetables for our table - a lot of physical and routine work.  Growing up in a rural environment among the dirt roads with nature provided wonderful memories and valuable lessons.  Two of which I value mostly are : to appreciate and coexist with our zoological and botanical organisms, and secondly to respect, enjoy, and learn from earth's natural wonders and forces.  Thus, the true essence behind the vast majority of the images you will see from beyond my camera's lenses.  To quote Einstein: "Look Deep Into Nature - Then You Will Understand Everything Better".

I decided to use my brain instead of my back, as far as my professional career was concerned. I have both a BS and MS in Environmental Science, and worked for 24 years with 5 Fortune 200 corporations.  Then fortunately in early 2003, I decided to permanently remove my wristwatch, and truly enjoy three of my corazonĀ“s passions: "Traveling-Trekking-Still Imagery".  So I bought some good quality photographic equipment and backpacking gear, and have been enjoying our precious and precarious planet ever since.  Fortunately now, all 7 continents - and recently returning from the coldest and wettest summer in more  than 100 years in Iceland (waterfalls galore).

My main attention and interests directs me to the national parks, reserves, wilderness areas, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Biospheres.  But yes, I do on occasions direct my footsteps towards images of historical sites, indigenous cultures, monuments, architecture and cathedrals at times - but pure/raw/naked nature is my main imagery focus and educational interest.  I hope you enjoy these images and ocular exercise - for "EyeEnjoy" the experiences and education along these joyous journeys.

Safe and Happy Trails .......

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